Purple Velvet & Blue Zircon, Swarovski Crystal Hand Crafted Wire Wrapped Ring

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Purple Velvet & Blue Zircon, Swarovski Crystal Hand Crafted Wire Wrapped Ring

This stunning ring features a 10mm Fancy Cushion Cut Swarovski Crystal in a deep dark royal Purple Velvet - Talk about a bear to photograph - much much prettier in person, in my opinion! I handset the stones in a high quality plated settings, either silver or gold plated. I chose Swarovski crystals in Blue Zircon ABx2 for the side crystals for an eye catching combination.. The bands of the ring are either 14k YellowGF wire/14k GF beads, or Sterling Silver wire/Sterling Silver beads. Ring shown is in 14K GF wire and beads.

►►►Please be certain of your ring size before ordering - I guarantee your ring will be the size you order, it cannot be resized. Ring is made to order, and ships in 1 - 3 business days :)

Don't know your ring size? Don't guess, check out this listing first -  ReUseable Ring Sizer

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►14K Gold Filled is a federally regulated amount of 14K gold (5%) bonded to a base metal, usually brass. It is the next best thing to solid 14K gold. It has no nickel in it and is considered hypoallergenic. It will not tarnish or discolor your skin. The finish will last one to five years under heavy wear (like a ring) and a lifetime under occasional wear (like an ear cuff or earring).

A small note about foil-backed stones: Swarovski's sew-ons are excellent quality; I have at least 3 I rarely take off. However, there are chemicals and some oils and lotions that can eat at the foil on the back of the crystal. If in doubt, whether something will hurt the foil, take the ring off.

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