6mm Square Rhinestone, Vintage Swarovski Crystal or CZ, 29 Colors

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All 12 birthstone colors available, and then some.   
Vintage Swarovski Crystal, lab created gemstone, and good quality cz - 6mm Square Rhinestone Sew On. These crystal stones are set in a high quality 4 pronged, open back 4 hole - 2 holes on 2 sides - sew on setting - Your choice of silver or gold plated. Finished earrings shown are a design suggestion only, and not included. Listing price is for 2 pcs.

These sparklies are available in 29 colors - I'll add more as I hunt them down. :) They are all unused vintage Swarovski crystals - they have faceted tops, and pointed gold foiled backs. Not all colors are shown in the photos (yet) but they are all (except for Hematite, which is vintage Czech crystal) genuine Swarovski colors you know and love.

Colors (so far - I'm always on the lookout for more):    
Alexandrite Swarovski - SW (lt color change) ▪️June Birthstone
Amethyst CZ (transparent dark purple) ▪️February Birthstone
Amethyst Swarovski - SW (dark purple) ▪️February Birthstone 
Aquamarine (blue) ▪️March Birthstone
Black Diamond (pale grey)
Blue Zircon (blue-green) ▪️December Birthstone 1
Clear Crystal( well... clear)▪️April Birthstone
Crystal AB (clear with mirror finish)
Emerald (dark green)▪️May Birthstone 
Fuchsia (bright pink)
Garnet (brownish red)▪️January Birthstone
Hematite (silver-black) ***These are technically vintage Czech***  
Iris (striped pink, blue and green)
Jet (black)
Lite Rose (lite pink)▪️October Birthstone 2
Lite Sapphire (lite blue)
Lt Topaz (bright yellow)▪️November Birthstone 2 
Lt Turquoise Blue▪️December Birthstone 2
Montana Blue (dark navy blue)▪️September Birthstone 2
Pacific Opal (pale green/blue opal) ***still Swarovski but not vintage
Peridot CZ (transparent olive green)▪️August Birthstone
Peridot Swarovski - SW (lt green)▪️August Birthstone
Rose (pink)▪️October Birthstone 1
Ruby Lab Created - LC(bright fuchsia red)▪️July Birthstone
Sapphire (royal blue)▪️September Birthstone 1
Siam-Ruby (very dark red)▪️July Birthstone
Smoked Topaz (yellowish brownish )
Tangerine (bright true orange) ***still Swarovski, but not vintage
Topaz (golden yellow)▪️November Birthstone 1

A small note about foil-backed stones: Swarovski’s sew-ons are excellent quality; I have at least 3 I rarely take off. However, there are chemicals and some oils and lotions that can eat at the foil on the back of the crystal. If in doubt, whether something will hurt the foil, take the ring (or other piece of jewelry off).

thanks for stopping by - hope to see ya again soon..... 

Materials: Crystal