Blue Zircon, 6mm Vintage West German Double Cut Square Octagon, 6 Pcs with Settings

Vintage West German

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Vintage West German, double cut 6mm Square Octagon crystals. These crystal stones are hand set by me in a high quality 4 pronged, open back, settings with 2 holes on 2 sides of the settings - your choice of silver or gold plated. Listing price is for 6 (SIX) pieces.

I've had these beautiful and rare West German stones for years, but only recently found a setting they fit in to my satisfaction - oddly enough, they do not fit into a standard square setting :( And though my choice for the perfect setting is actually round, you wouldn't really know that unless you turn it upside down ;) These are a gorgeous transparent (no foil) Blue Zircon, only very slightly lighter than Swarovski's Blue Zircon Crystals. They are all identical in color and shade - any variation shown in my photos, has to do with my lighting, angle, and the color of setting they are in.

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