Congrats April and Oliver!!! It's A BOY! 👏

Posted by Bobbi J Maw on

Yes! I admit it - I've been (and still am) an 'April Watch' addict, much to the dismay of my family friends, and part-time work. My iPad has been on the  Animal Adventure Park live feed 24/7 since they started the live feed back in February.

One women on FB summed up my exact situation when she commented on how much her family was sick of her crying 'wolf' every time April raised her tail, and she had now announced the birth of well over 100 poos. LOL

April the Giraffe went into full blown labor early this morning (approx. 7:07am EST 4/15/2017), and along with millions of other Giraffeaholics watched the amazing birth of their new baby boy - though I just now got the text from the park announcing the gender. Yes, I signed up for the text messaging ;) After all this time watching, I wasn't about to miss it.

I've included Animal Adventure Park's live video of the event, just in-case you missed it 😉 If you'd rather just skip to the good bits, fast forward to about 27:00 minutes into the video.

If you'd like to see all the wonderful photos and videos - including Baby's first stand (yes I cheered that on too - along with my own sound effects) you can find them on Animal Adventure Park's Facebook page.

Someone else wrote (on FB) that she thought after the baby was born, she'd go back to her normal life, but no, she's still glued to watching the live feed. She said "I think I need an intervention". Maybe I do to..... nah, I can work AND watch the feed too. It was/is a once in a lifetime experience, that's not likely to happen again anytime soon.

Back to creating sparklies - see you again soon!



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