About Me

This is the part where I tell you all about myself - Not exactly my strong suit, but I’ll give it a bash :) I’ll try not to ramble on, but if I do, feel free to kick me under the table.

I have been making jewelry in one form or another for nearly 30 years, though I have been art and craft oriented my entire life.
When I was in high school I wanted to be an ‘artist’ as my chosen profession. My Mother talked me out of it, afraid that I would starve to death, or be this weird chick living in a hippie commune somewhere selling crafts at fairs or something.

So I did what dutiful daughters did, went to school for ‘business’ and ‘trade’ skills. I have minor degrees in accounting, law, the ever-popular ‘business math’ and computers. I’ve had jobs as a bartender, silk screen
printer, auto-parts delivery, inventory control specialist (counting other peoples inventory really, really fast), and my last “real job”, customer service for public transportation - for nearly 20 years…. And hated them all - well, not really ‘hate’, but I certainly didn’t love them either. They were jobs - necessary evils to pay the bills and support myself.

Fast forward to 2007 - Through a series of unfortunate events (no, not the movie), I lost my job at the bus company, and opened my shop on Etsy. At first it was out of sheer necessity - I thought it would just be temporary, supplemental income until I could find another ‘real job’. No one was more surprised than me, when I actually starting selling.

It’s taken a lot of work, more hours than I ever put into any other job. I do everything from jewelry design and creation, hunting down unique supplies to offer, writing tutorials, packaging, shipping, advertising, photography, accounting (I guess that did come in handy after all). But I love it! I love seeing my work go all over the world; I love when people write me to tell me how much they loved what I made. I love creating new shinys, and have people say, “oh I want that!” I love the friends I’ve made through Etsy and the internet. I love being able to work at home, and in between shop stuff, foster and take care of kitties. I love all of it.

I get a little annoyed now, at family and friends when they don’t think I have a ‘real job’ - just a little. Job really isn’t the right word though. - Not sure what the right word is, all I know is I’m very blessed to finally be making a living at something I really, really love!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end and not kicking me under the table ;)

If you have any questions at all - just click the contact button on my shop home page and ask - Exception: No, I don’t know why Klingons look so different in the new Star Trek Discovery. 🖖








The yucky, but necessary tutorial/design legal stuff:

Copyright 1988-2019 Bobbi Maw/MyWiredImagination. All rights reserved, including but not limited to designs, design tutorials, derivatives, text, and/or photos. Tutorials free and paid, are for personal use only. (Personal use defined as; for YOUR education). You MAY make pieces for sale, but please do not MASS produce them; that includes sharing the tutorial so others can help you make them for sale (a definite NO). You may not present these pieces as your own original design – this includes derivatives (derivatives - plural of de·riv·a·tive (Noun) Something that is based on another source.) which ARE covered by my original designs. Please give credit where you learned these techniques and designs. Reproduction and or distribution of tutorials, free and paid, in whole or in part, in any form, without my written consent, is strictly prohibited. You MAY NOT teach any of my tutorials without my express written consent.