Eye of the Hurricane, Wire Wrap Pendant Tutorial

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Eye of the Hurricane, wire wrapped pendant 

If I had to pick one element predominant to Florida, I'd pick hurricanes. Though they can be devastating, their immense power displays incredible beauty with a mesmerizing swirl. The primary project uses a large crystal in a 'sew-on' type setting, but since not everyone has access to those; variations are included for using a coin bead or plain round beads. It's also easily adaptable from a vertical pendant, to a horizontal focal, and even to a focal/clasp on a bracelet.

This is a mid-level beginner tutorial - basic wire wrapping and wire handling skills will help you to successfully complete this project.

This tutorial is 32 pages with 21 highly detailed steps, 61 clear crisp photos, and 4 variations included - step by step almost as good as having me right there with you :)).

This listing is for the instructions to make this piece of jewelry, not the actual pieces, materials, or tools.   

❤️"Beautiful color photos, easy to follow step by step directions and ALWAYS well written! Bobbi gives such clear and precise directions, that even a beginner can attempt. (Like me)😀 I love her shop and everything in it! You have a question, ask it, she'll help guide you through with a quick response. Thanks for having such a great shop and always being there for your customers!"

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❤️”The Beginner Crystal Bracelet and Hoop Earrings tutorials were excellent. Clear photos of every step and helpful hints and cautions helped me complete these lovely pieces the first time I tried.I learned many valuable wire wrapping skills. Highly recommended!”

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