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Family - Mother's Birthstones Ring - Chakra Ring - Rainbow Ring

A beautiful handmade ring to show off your family birthstones - A special Mother's or Grandmother's Ring - a Chakra Ring - or just a pretty rainbow ring in all your favorite colors. This entirely handmade ring can 'show off' a minimum of 4 and up to 12 birthstone (favorite) colors - (2) 6mm stones, (2) 4mm stones, and up to 8 colors in 3mm Swarovski crystals.

I have all 12 birthstone colors in the 3mm genuine Swarovski bicone crystals (and 75 additional colors 😉) Please see the lists below for the 6 and 4mm stones. You can add in "notes to seller" at checkout, the colors you would like; or feel free to contact me to have a custom listing made for you (no additional charge).

6mm Square Stone Colors available:
Alexandrite Swarovski - SW (light color change) ▪️June Birthstone
Amethyst CZ (transparent dark purple) ▪️February Birthstone
Amethyst Swarovski - SW (dark purple) ▪️February Birthstone
Aquamarine (blue) ▪️March Birthstone
Black Diamond (pale grey)
Blue Zircon (blue-green) ▪️December Birthstone 1
Clear Crystal( well... clear)▪️April Birthstone
Crystal AB (clear with mirror finish) ▪️April Birthstone
Emerald (dark green)▪️May Birthstone
Fuchsia (bright pink)
Garnet (brownish red)▪️January Birthstone
Hematite (silver-black) ***These are technically vintage Czech***
Iris (striped pink, blue and green)
Jet (black)
Jonquil (pale yellow)
Lite Rose (lite pink)▪️October Birthstone 2
Lite Sapphire (lite blue)
Lt Topaz (bright yellow)▪️November Birthstone 2
Lt Turquoise Blue▪️December Birthstone 2
Montana Blue (dark navy blue)▪️September Birthstone 2
Pacific Opal (pale green/blue opal) ***still Swarovski but not vintage
Peridot (Olivine) CZ (transparent med olive green)▪️August Birthstone 2
Peridot Swarovski - SW (lt green)▪️August Birthstone
Rose (pink)▪️October Birthstone 1
Ruby Lab Created - LC(bright fuchsia red)▪️July Birthstone
Sapphire (royal blue)▪️September Birthstone 1
Siam-Ruby (very dark red)▪️July Birthstone
Smoked Topaz (yellowish brownish )
Tangerine (bright true orange) ***still Swarovski, but not vintage
Topaz (golden yellow)▪️November Birthstone 1

4mm square stone colors available:
Swarovski Alexandrite (pale color change)▪️June Birthstone
Alexandrite (lab created) ▪️June Birthstone
Amethyst (dark purple) ▪️February Birthstone
Aquamarine (blue) ▪️March Birthstone
Blue Zircon (teal blue) ▪️December Birthstone
Crystal AB (crystal with mirror finish) ▪️April Birthstone
Emerald (dark green) ▪️May Birthstone
Jonquil (pale yellow)
Lime (green) ▪️August Birthstone 2
Lite Amethyst (pale purple)
Lite Rose (lite pink) ▪️October Birthstone 2
Lite Sapphire (lite blue)
Lite Siam (bright red)
Montana Blue (dark sapphire blue) ▪️September Birthstone 2
Peridot (pale green) ▪️August Birthstone 1
Rose (pink) ▪️October Birthstone 1
Ruby (red) Swarovski▪️July Birthstone
Ruby Lab Created - LC(bright fuchsia red)▪️July Birthstone
Sapphire (royal blue) ▪️September Birthstone 1
Siam (dark red)
Topaz (golden yellow) ▪️November Birthstone

The ring is available in 14K GF wire and beads with high quality gold plated prong settings (for the square stones) or Sterling Silver wire and beads with high quality, nickel free settings (for the square stones). The bottom of the band is 5mm wide - the stone side of the ring is approximately 15mm wide at the widest point.

This ring is made to order and ships in 1 to 3 business days.

‼️ PLEASE be sure of your ring size before ordering - I guarantee your ring will be the size you order, they cannot be resized, or simply exchanged or returned. If you decide/discover that you ordered the wrong ring size - I can remake the ring. The minimum cost is $75.00 to cover loss of materials (the ring has to be completely cut apart) and labor. Please contact me for details.

❤️ "OMG!!! I am in love with my new ring! Bobbi did a phenomenal job and I couldn’t be more pleased!! I expect to get lots of compliments and will definitely purchase from her in the future!"

►14K Gold Filled is a federally regulated amount of 14K gold (5%) rolled on to a base metal, usually brass. It is the next best thing to solid 14K gold. It has no nickel in it and is considered hypoallergenic. It will not tarnish or discolor your skin. The finish will last one to five years under heavy wear (like a ring - though I have lots of rings and bracelets that are still great looking after 20 years) and a lifetime under occasional wear (like an ear cuff or earring).

Thank you for stopping by!! Hope to see you again soon!!!

Materials: 14k gold filed wire and beads or,sterling silver wire and beads,genuine Swarovski crystals and beads,lab created gemstones,silver or gold plated stone settings

Only 1 available
❤️"In recent years, I've bought all my jewelry online, but this ring is by FAR the most interesting & intricate one I've purchased! I'm amazed by the craftsmanship -- it is truly a work of art. When I wear it, it's hard not to constantly stare at it because it's so beautiful! : ) The ring is truly exquisite!