27x18.5mm Octagon Settings, Art 4627, 2 Pieces Silver Plated, Gold Plated, Antique Bronze Plated Gemstone Crystal setting, Bead Embroidery

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27x18.5mm Octagon Shaped Sew-On Settings. Fits art 4627 octagon shaped crystals and rhinestones. Listing price is for 2 pieces.

Do you have some really great crystals or gems but no way to use them because they have no holes? Or are the settings you have not "up-to-snuff" for what you need? Then this listing is for you. These are the same high quality settings I use both for set rhinestones and gems, and in my finished jewelry.

These are open back prong settings, with 4 holes - 2 on the long side of the setting. These are easy to set, with no special stone setting skills required - simply place the crystal or gem in the setting, and carefully pinch the prongs down with either chain or flat nose pliers. They hold stones very securely, and in 7 years, I have yet to have a crystal or gem fall out of a setting - And I can be really hard on my jewelry :))

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Materials: 2 pieces,silver plated or,gold plated or,antique bronze plated settings
❤️”This beautiful crystal was bought with a couple of ring making tutorials and it arrived very quickly. I can't believe I actualy made this ring! Bobbi's Marcella tutorial was exceptionally well written with pictures for every tiny step. The tips and hints kept me out of trouble and taught me new skills. Thanks to the suggested as-you-work checks, the ring is the perfect size! Another excellent tutorial from Bobbi.”

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