Bermuda Blue, Vintage Swarovski, 2 Pieces 15x7mm Navette With Setting

Vintage Swarovski - Austria

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15x7mm Navette Vintage Swarovski Bermuda Blue. There are 4 holes in the setting, 2 each on the long side of the settings - half the work of attaching these beauties to your next craft project already done for you. (Quantity in the photos are to show as many angles as possible, not the quantity of the listing). The finished similar shape crystal ring shown as a design idea only, and not included. Listing price is for 2 pieces with settings.

These are a beautiful rich deep blue, with flashes of different shades of blue - very similar to Heliotrope, but with less purple - the crystals have faceted tops, and pointed gold foiled backs. Settings are excellent quality, and your choice of silver or gold plated, or antique bronze plate.

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A small note about foil-backed stones: Swarovski’s sew-ons are excellent quality; I have at least 3 crystal rings I rarely take off. However, there are chemicals and some oils and lotions that can eat at the foil on the back of the crystal. If in doubt, whether something will hurt the foil, take the ring (or other piece of jewelry off).

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Materials: 2 pieces,genuine Swarovski Crystal,silver gold or antique brass plated settings

❤️”This beautiful crystal was bought with a couple of ring making tutorials and it arrived very quickly. I can't believe I actualy made this ring! Bobbi's Marcella tutorial was exceptionally well written with pictures for every tiny step. The tips and hints kept me out of trouble and taught me new skills. Thanks to the suggested as-you-work checks, the ring is the perfect size! Another excellent tutorial from Bobbi.”

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