Faceted Genuine Amethyst Tear Drops, Pear Shaped Genuine Amethyst, Loose Faceted Gemstone

Genuine Amethyst

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This listing is for 1 ONE faceted tear-drop Amethyst stones.

They are Genuine Amethyst stones - you will receive the exact stone(s) you choose.

These are beautifully faceted light to medium purple, with no visible occlusions, though color and/or size varies very slightly between stones. Carat weight is approximately 7.2ct each.

AM001 - 9.5x15x7mm
AM001 - 10x15x7mm
AM003 - 9.5x14x6mm
AM004 - 10x15x6.6mm
AM005 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM006 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM007 - 10x15x7mm - SOLD
AM008 - 9x13.5x7mm
AM009 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM0010 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM0011 - 10x15x7mm - SOLD
AM0012 - 10x15x6.5mm

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Materials: Amethyst
❤️ "I am simply enchanted with this gorgeous, wondrous, beautiful ring! Of all my Padparadscha‘s, this is the clearest. It also has a unique band. You can tell Bobbi loves her craft and takes great pride in it, as she should. Additionally, she was as concerned as I, about it being lost in the Mexican postal system, but it arrived and I couldn’t be happier.
I already have my eye on another ring of hers that I “simply must have”....
Do not hesitate to order from this great shop and seller! You won’t be disappointed."