Faceted Genuine Amethyst Tear Drops, Pear Shaped Genuine Amethyst, Loose Faceted Gemstone

Genuine Amethyst

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This listing is for 1 ONE faceted tear-drop Amethyst stones.

They are Genuine Amethyst stones - you will receive the exact stone(s) you choose.

These are beautifully faceted light to medium purple, with no visible occlusions, though color and/or size varies very slightly between stones. Carat weight is approximately 7.2ct each.

AM001 - 9.5x15x7mm
AM001 - 10x15x7mm
AM003 - 9.5x14x6mm
AM004 - 10x15x6.6mm
AM005 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM006 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM007 - 10x15x7mm - SOLD
AM008 - 9x13.5x7mm
AM009 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM0010 - 10x15x6.5mm
AM0011 - 10x15x7mm - SOLD
AM0012 - 10x15x6.5mm

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Materials: Amethyst
❤️"In recent years, I've bought all my jewelry online, but this ring is by FAR the most interesting & intricate one I've purchased! I'm amazed by the craftsmanship -- it is truly a work of art. When I wear it, it's hard not to constantly stare at it because it's so beautiful! : ) The ring is truly exquisite!