Paradise Shine, Swarovski Crystal 10mm Rivoli, Paradise Shine Crystal with Setting

Swarovski - Austria

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Swarovski Sew-on 10mm rivoli sew on in Pacific Opal. These Swarovski crystal stones are set in jewelry quality 4 pronged, open back, silver plated settings. There are 4 holes in the setting, 2 on 2 sides.

These incredibly sparkly crystals are Swarovski's Paradise Shine - a shimmering mix of purples, greens and blues with an AB finish. Listing price is for 1 piece with setting.

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A small note about foil-backed stones: Swarovski’s sew-ons are excellent quality; I have at least 3 I rarely take off. However, there are chemicals and some oils and lotions that can eat at the foil on the back of the crystal. If in doubt, whether something will hurt the foil, take the ring (or other piece of jewelry off).

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❤️”Another BEAUTIFUL ring from Bobbi! My husband got me my first for Mother's Day last year, our son's birthstones. This ring is a "Treat yo self" and also my mom's birthstone. I can attest to the quality. I have worn my first ring close to every day for a year and it's just as beautiful as the day I got it! The quality is top notch and her skill is mind boggling!”

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