SOLID Sterling Silver 925 Setting for 15x7 Navette-Marquise Shaped Crystals

Made in Europe Nickel Free Cadmium Free

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15x7mm navette/marquise shaped SOLID Sterling Silver 925 open back sew on setting. Though these are not stamped 925, I only buy from reputable suppliers, and guarantee they are Sterling Silver. Listing price is for each setting.

These wonderful settings have 4 holes (2 each on the long sides), so half the work of attaching or adding them to your favorite jewelry design or craft project has been done for you. They are easy to use - simply place the rhinestone in the setting, and carefully bend the prongs down.

These settings will fit standard 15x7mm navette rhinestones. They were made for Swarovski crystals, but do fit Czech or West German crystals as well as some faceted real gemstones, though the points of some very deep gemstones may poke through the back of the setting.

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While I love the silver plated settings I use in other listings - sometimes you just NEED Sterling. These are NOT plated - They are true Sterling Silver, and the only 'sew on' ones that I'm aware of. Do not be misled by the term "Sterling Silver Plated" - There is NO such thing!! Silver metal is either silver plated or Sterling Silver - listings using the term "sterling silver plated" are merely trying to take advantage of the name for better search results.

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