Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Tutorial with Variations, Wire Wrap Jewelry Tutorial

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Wire Wrapped Swarovski Bracelet Tutorial with Variations by MyWiredImagination

This listing is for the complete, step by step instructions to make this bracelet, not the actual piece or the materials. This is intermediate level project, although I've had many, many beginner's successfully complete this project. It is 18 pages, with 52 clear photos, and a total size of 1.74MB. If you feel you need more beginner instruction before attempting this design, please consider my Back to the Beginning Bracelet Tutorial.

I've taught wire wrapping in person for many years, but writing instructions for someone I will not be teaching in person, has been to say the least challenging. My style of writing is not as 'formal' as some, but after much consideration and countless re-writes, I realized I needed to stay with what I know best. This tutorial is written as if I were teaching you in person, as much as possible - since I've taught this in person, I know the pitfalls you're most likely to face, and do my best to head them off -

Other beads can be used for this, in an infinite number of combinations however, square beads are easier to manage in the beginning. The techniques I’ve developed, and teach in this tutorial, create a stable ‘tough’ little bangle; and unlike some other ‘versions’ of this style, the means to create a bangle at near perfect to perfect length. After we have completed the basic style, I will walk you through an additional (really cool) variation, plus some other design ideas.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!!!
wrap happy,

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Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Tutorial with Variations, Wire Wrap Jewelry Tutorial is a sensational customer favorite, and I hope you like it just as much.

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