Vintage Style All Wire Earring, How to Wire Wrap Earrings

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I love these earrings. The style is vintage inspired, and can be made to accent that look even further. I hope you enjoy them, and that the design inspires you......  This is the first tutorial I published back in late 2007. I started to retire it, and changed my mind. I've updated it to include metric measurements; removed some broken links and added new ones and made some cosmetic tweaks.

Basic wire handling skills such as cleaning and straightening wire, and completing a basic binding wrap.If you need more experience with these skills, please see Back to the Beginning Bracelet Tutorial

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!!!
wrap happy,

PLEASE respect ownership of intellectual property, and DO NOT post the actual tutorial in forums, blogs and message boards; or share this tutorial in any form.

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